Utility Category added to Weight and Balance calculator - Dec 2004


In response to favorable comments about our Weight and Balance Spreadsheet calculator, we have added a second Workbook to deal exclusively with the Cessna 172 N model in the Utility category.

The Utility Category Spreadsheet uses a Circular Reference to calculate fuel changes when the C of G is out of limits.

If you receive a message stating that Circular References Cannot Be Processed, Click on



Calculations and Check the Iteration box and click OK.

All the loading restrictions for Utility Category are incorporated in the Workbook as they are very different to normal loadings. In Utility Category, the aircraft loading is limited by Aft C of G, which is why no loading is permitted aft of the front seat row.

As passenger weight is decreased, fuel must also be decreased to maintain the C of G forward of the Aft limit.

eg. With a 60Kg pilot, only 82 Liters of fuel can be carried where as if two 87Kg are on board, then 134 Liters of fuel may be carried. This situation is the opposite to Normal Category.

In Normal Category the aircraft is usually weight limited where as in Utility Category it is C of G limited.

The spreadsheet is protected to minimise accidental changes. The spreadsheet does not use macros.

View a screen capture of the Normal category calculator. To make the calculator functional, you need to download the file and run it with Microsoft Excel v5 or later.