Weight and Balance Spread Sheet Calculator

Last update: June 2011

The Weight and Balance Spread Sheet Calculator available here is set up with all the limiting values applicable to VH-IDT.

It provides a fast and accurate method to swap fuel and passenger/baggage loading to keep the aircraft loaded safely.

There are 3 versions of the calculator available. For first time users, it is suggested that you down load Wb4.xls and become familiar with aircraft loading. This workbook also contains a spread sheet for the 172N if operation in the Utility category is required. Utility Category added

A third version known as Maxima.xls is available for advanced fuel, load and flight planning. As its name suggests, it was developed to help plan maximum range flights. Maxima.xls is more easily adapted to suit other aircraft and is the only known 'aircraft adaptable' W&B calculator that links fuel on board, fuel consumption and flight planning. Any incorrect loading causing an out of limit situation is flagged.


Maxima.xls is available free of charge in the interests of GA safety by contacting:



The Spreadsheets do not use macros - just formulas.

To Down Load Wb4.xls, Right Click here

and then select Save Target As then specify a path to save the file. Once the file is on your hard disk or even a floppy, you may run the calculator without being connected to the Internet.

Note that when opening the calculator, it will prompt you to open as Read Only. Answer Yes. When closing the calculator, it will prompt you to Save Changes. Answer No, unless you want to keep your data.

The Utility Workbook uses Circular References. Read here if you need to turn this function on.