Image Aircraft Hire - 2020

Welcome to pilots from the Murray Border Flying Club.

MBFC members special rate: Ex YTOC, $235 / VDO Hr. +GST
(From February 2020)

Includes fuel and oil but not additional Landing or Airservices charges incurred for any flight.

VH IDT is a Cessna 172 N model available for private hire to pilots with the appropriate flying experience.

VH-IDT can now be used for Flying School Training. If you provide your own suitably qualified Instructor, VH-IDT may be used for Dual Check Flights and Aeroplane Flight Reviews.

New pilots who meet the Insurance requirements may register for on-line booking with the operator on 0404 172 172.

Alternatively, send relevant flight qualifications and experience to:
172hire "at"

Existing pilots who have flown VH IDT may log in to make a booking.
Non MBFC member rate: $255.

Insurance Requirements for Pilot Experience

Minimum 200 hours Total Flying Experience or be a Nominated Pilot.
Legally current on type and a minimum of GFPT licence and competent in all relevant airspace procedures.

Operator Requirements for Pilot Experience
Current with special procedures at and around the home airport.
Able to operate GMA 340 Audio Panel and FS 450 Fuel Computer.

Bookings with Image Aircraft