VH-IDT 172N Day VFR - Rebuilt in 2001, 2006/7

JPI FS 450 Fuel Flow Indicator with GPS Port

Dual Icom A200 VHF Comms,

 ADF, Mode C TXP

Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel, Instructions

Permanent ELT, EPIRB available.

40 channel UHF FM. (Not recommended for use in CTR due to shared audio resources with Dual Comm)

Total usable fuel 190 litres.

Maximum  Weight 1043Kg. (2300 Pounds)

Maximum fuel load with 4 std. weight passengers: 80 litres

Safe endurance with 4 POB ~ 90 minutes

Maximum baggage with 2 POB & Full fuel: 96kg. of which no more than 54kg. in baggage area 1

Maximum loading in baggage area one: 54kg.

Maximum loading in baggage area two: 22.6kg.

Combined loading for baggage areas 1 and 2: 54kg.

Maximum endurance at 30l/hr.:378 Minutes

Flight plan speed:110 knts.

Stall speed, flaps up: (CAS) 50 knts.

Stall speed, flaps down: (CAS) 44 knts.

At maximum weight: 1043 kg.

Utility category Maximum gross weight: 907kg.

Utility category max fuel 134 litres, 2 std. weight POB in front seats only, no loading rear seats or baggage areas.
Check your actual loading / endurance with our Excel calculator
Engine Oil supplied for each flight (Shell W100Plus)

RPM - Green Arc: 2200 - 2700

RPM - Red Line: 2700

Oil Temperature - Green Arc: 100F - 245F

Oil Temperature - Red Line: 245F

Oil Pressure - Green Arc: 60 - 90 PSI

Oil Pressure Minimum - Red Line: 25 PSI

Oil Pressure Maximum - Red Line: 100 PSI

Flight Load Factor - Flaps up: +3.8, -1.52

Flight Load Factor - Flaps down: +3.0, -0.0

Maximum maneuvering speed (IAS): 97 kts.

Abrupt use of controls prohibited above 97 kts.

Flight into known icing conditions prohibited

See the approved Flight Manual or approved Pilots Operating Handbook for details.